30 Years Of Boyup Brook Country Music

30 years is certainly something to celebrate!  The Boyup Brook Country Music committee and township are to be congratulated for an outstanding success story in country music. People come from all over to be part of this event.  Set on the banks of the beautiful Blackwood River the event includes a huge array of things to do and see.  Of course there is the music itself, and this year Troy Cassar-Daley and Tania Kernaghan headlined an amazing line up of talent, including; The Magnificent 7, Connie Kis Anderson, Ray Kernaghan, Amber Joy Poulton, Tom Maxwell, Jonny Taylor and Fitzroy Express to name a few. Other attractions include the renowned Ute and Truck muster, a colourful affair that is a must see. There is also the Street Festival, the Art Awards, the Bush Poets Breakfast, Street Markets, the WA Country Music Awards and many workshops for enthusiasts to attend.

Totally Sound have been working along side the Boyup Brook Country Music Committee on this event for many years.  It is a highlight on our calendar.  We set up camp (glamping I think they call it) right on the river at the back of the stage and settle in for a great weekend.  Congratulations to all involved, what a wonderful milestone.