Busselton Jetty 150 Year Celebration 2015

DSBusselton Jetty Resized 2015 Marquee

To mark the 150th year of the Busselton Jetty, the Busselton Chamber of Commerce & Industries held an event on the end of the iconic jetty in Jan 2015.  It was an amazing event to be part of.  Guests were seated in a beautiful Marquee (Lonsdales) with stunning views through the clear side walls.  There was a very interesting presentation on the history of the jetty, including a snapshot of early use and local characters that have been associated with the jetty over the years, and a discussion of the value it brings and the future local impact on business and tourism of the jetty.  The crew had an interesting load in and out, as can be seen on the photo below…..it took a few trips!

Busselton Jetty Resized 2015 load in

Busselton Jetty Resized 2015 band