Are you ready for the changes to authorised frequency range for Wireless Audio Devices?

Do you use Radio Microphones? Portable Public Address Systems? In Ear Monitoring Systems?

Are you aware that the authorised frequency range for wireless audio devices is changing?

From the 31st December 2014,  the authorised frequency range for wireless audio devices will be reduced from the current 520-820MHz to 520-694MHz. Older devices that operate above 694MHz in what is referred to as ‘the 700MHz band” must be restricted to operate below 694MHz ONLY.

It will be illegal to use devices that are not capable of operating below 694MHz after 1st January 2015 


Australia is transitioning from Analogue to Digital TV transmission.  Once transition is complete, wireless audio devices must vacate this part of the spectrum to free it for the new services.

What next?

Time to check all radio microphones, portable public address systems and in ear monitoring systems are capable of operating in the 520-694MHz range.

Need help?

Derek or Kym at Totally Sound can either guide you through the auditing process, or visit your site to do the audit for you.  Just call the office on  9725 4599, or email Derek

Any good news?

There are some good ‘trade in’ type deals being offered by many of our suppliers. There is currently a 35% trade in on Mipro Portable Public Address Systems, conditions apply.  Talk to Kerry on 9725 4599 for more information.

Need more information?

There are lots of websites you can go to for further information on the “Digital Dividend”.  There are also some fact sheets on the ACMA site that might be helpful, including spectrum availability for regional areas: