Totally Sound Annual Golf Challenge

Blustery weather was not going to stop the much anticipated Totally Sound annual golf challenge.  There had been much trash talk leading up to the big day, the day that would see another name on the Challenge Day plaque.  It was all a bit more upmarket this year.  Golf at the Dunsborough Lakes Golf Course followed by lunch at beautiful Caves House.  We also sorted a bit of a handicap so that the ‘non golfers’ amoungst us stood a fair chance at the title.

After a brief stop for good coffee, it was off to Dunsborough Lakes.  The title is very appropriate, I think there were at least 5 balls swallowed up by the lakes during the day.  It was decided that we would tee off in two groups….those that could….and those that could not.  Funnily enough, those that could did not necessarily do so on the day!  Derek reigned supreme for the second year in a row.  Nat was not far behind, followed by a now somewhat subdued Damien.  Most improved on the day was young Ryan, who scored 23 on the first hole (par 4), but was doing very well for himself by the end of the game.  He is definately one to watch for next year.

Then it was off to Caves House for some fab food and absolutely beautiful red wine in front of the fireplace.  The venue was very quiet when we arrived, but we soon changed that.  Especially after Kerry had had a few wines!  All in all a great day out for the team.  Let the rivalry begin for 2011!